HealRx SeaWeed Gel

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HealRx Secret Elixir Of SeaWeed is safe for all skin types ENRICHED with SEAWEED Extracts ,from the ocean infused with ALOE VERA

  • This Secret Elixir of Expertly Blended SeaWeed Extracts help -HYDRATE -CONDITION IMPROVE TEXTURE & TONE OF THE SKIN
  • HealRx Secret Elixir Of SeaWeed Has ANTI AGEING
  • HealRx Secret Elixir Of SeaWeed provides ANTI ACNE


Key Ingredients:


Carbomer is one of the rare ingredients that was formulated Which has  ability to absorb and retain water, and these polymers can swell to many times their original volume.


Antioxidant and antibacterial properties to keep your skin clear and hydrated. To It can survive the harsh conditions Of your Skin, complex carbohydrates, make it an effective face moisturizer and pain reliever. It removes dead skin cell, makes skin smoother. skin whitening, curing pimples, reducing wrinkles,moisturising the dry skin,  soothing the irritated skin, degreasing oily skin, calming sunburn etc. Yes, Aloe is pretty gentle. You can use it every day. Pure aloe vera  is one of the best ways to prevent and reduce under eye wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It easily absorbs into the skin and very soothing. Aloe contains 18 amino acids, B1, C,B3 and  B6  vitamins  helps to fight off free radicals that cause wrinkling


Seaweed Extract:

Seaweed offers superior hydration ,anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. If you love ocean ,just wait until you see what it can do for your skin. It has Lot of Hidden Secrets which has to be revealed yet. Seaweed, Sea kelp and algae offer superior hydration ,anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Seaweed is naturally high in iodine, minerals, salts and vitamins. Together, these properties work to leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, while its conditioning benefits work to naturally repair skin. Being of a non-oily nature makes it particularly suitable for oily and combination skin which Most of them suffer with.



Glycerin is a humectant that be synthetically produced or it can be naturally derived from plant oils, or it can also be synthetically produced. As a glycerin,humectant works to moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer.


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