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All the Services which are Provided By HealRx Which are Completely Non Refundable in Any Cases In the case of Damage HealRx Is will be only the Final decision Maker. If you have a nonreturnable item that arrived damaged or defective you can Contact Us.

HealRx Secret Elixirs

Healthcare & Wellness Products:-

HealRx strongly believes in Make In India so has a team completely focused in research and development of healthcare & Wellness Products so the need to buy either a substandard products at low price or high priced foreign imported goods is solved by HealRx proving High Quality Premium Products at an Economical price.

All Healthcare & Wellness products are non-returnable.

HealRx Digital :

HealRx also aims at linking healthcare to digital platform of website & Application,which merely won’t be an search engine for doctors or online consultation but will be utilized for much more deeper healthcare issues such as Mental Health.

Educational Packages Refundable Depends Upon the Time Frame and HealRx Will the Decision Maker.

HealRx Clinics:

Providing healing ,wellness & treatment to people by all branches of medical science {Eg medical  ,Dental,Diagnostic,Alternative Therapies etc} by all available mean under one connected units / clinics of HealRx




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